We sell all the best brands of tires and offer expert installation and repair. We also offer full brake service, and there is nothing more important than having good stopping power. Bumpy ride? We can service and repair your suspension. Full drivetrain services are available too!



Tire repair is an integral part of getting the maximum in performance and value out of your tires. Oftentimes when you have a flat tire, there’s no need to go through the expense of replacing it. A repair will get you through.

While there are home tire repair kits, when done properly, a tire repair can last for years. That’s why you’ll want one of our tire specialists to handle the repair for you. Use our years of experience and knowledge to get the most out of your tires!

When you need a tire repaired, call us and see why we’re the local tire experts!


Whether you’re looking to enhance your luxury vehicle’s responsiveness, outfit your 18-wheeler with all-season tires, purchase a spare half-size tire for emergencies, etc., we have the right tires for you.

We are dedicated to providing the highest standard of quality in tires, and we pride ourselves on a strong record of honest, affordable service in every transaction.

So when you need to find the right tire for your ride, call Flat on the Spot, and our expert staff will be glad to help you pick out and install the best tires for your vehicle, driving needs and budget.



Getting a proper 4 wheel alignment will help you maximize the life of your tires while making the handling of your vehicle easier.

Custom Wheels

Whether you know what custom wheels you want or need some advice, we provide a comprehensive custom wheel service.


With a thorough inspection of pulls, noises, power boosters, brake rotors and other brake problems, we make sure you’re brakes will keep you and your family safe!


Our team has years of experience in making sure your exhaust system is up to par and is working efficiently.


Our professional staff can keep your ride smooth!

Lift Kits

We have years of experience in getting vehicles professional lift kits that are built to last and stylish at the same time.


Tires Off-Rims with and without TPMS

Tires On-Rims with and without TPMS

Changeover Dually up to 18″

Changeover Dually up to 19.5″

Flat Tire Repair
$125 Mobile including the service fee, $50 In Shop

Other tire services:

Stud Pulling $95 per tire
Re-Stud Tires $150 per tire
4 Wheel Alignment $165
Mount and Balance Large Tires (medium commercial) $75 per tire

*Prices are for passenger and light truck vehicles only. Call for pricing on commercial trucks.

*Prices are subject to change


Flat on the Spot’s time and money saving Auto Care Subscription Service. Huge discounts on parts, labor and more!

Don’t wait for your car to breakdown to bring it to the shop. We will bring the shop to you for preventative maintenance such as; check-ups, tire rotations, oil changes, tire change overs and more. Plus get huge discounts on parts, labor and customizations. LEARN MORE!